Contract Law

Construction contracts have morphed into risk shifting devices.  Our philosophy is that risks should be “equitably shared” not “shifted.” We seek clarity when possible, but when “favorable clarity” is not possible, especially for lower tiered subcontractors and suppliers, we know how to negotiate and draft “favorable ambiguities” for subtle incorporation into the contract documents.

We are experienced in using standard industry forms, e.g., ConsensusDocs and AIA.  We have drafted proprietary contracts and have effectively negotiated changes through the use of an addendum.

We will be a consulting partner throughout the Project.  We know that change orders are a part of the process, especially when the design is incomplete or changed.

We know how to work with issues during the project when a differing  site condition appears or when a dreaded delay is encountered.

We know how to deal with a “No Damage for Delay Clause.”  We deal with statutes that declare some of these clauses to violate public policy and not be enforceable.

We know how to draft and use a Force Majeure clause.